First Step: Embark

Yesterday I drove from San Diego, CA to Mesa, AZ. The round-trip journey from California to Arizona is one that I have made countless times in the past 22 years. As I drove through the mountains and the desert, I began to envision paintings of the scenery that I was passing through. In my mind I painted landscapes with sweeping vistas and long lonely trains winding their way from distant mountains through the desert. And a guy fishing on a bridge by the side of the road.

Everywhere I go I am tempted by scenes that I want to capture in paint. I hear the call to adventure and embark upon a journey, knowing that I will feel an obligation to bring something home that I have experienced on the journey. The strong influence of mythology – the archetypal Heros Journey ( influences that feeling of obligation to share the experiences. The best way I can do it is through my painting.

Humbly I offer a memory that I recently brought home, of an evening spent in Guanajuato, Mexico – where music was in the air and legends of days gone by filled the imagination . . .


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